Healdsburg Pilates

Performance & Sport Specific Training Calibrate and fine tune your movement and coordination...

Elevate your performance through targeted conditioning plans focused on strengthening sport specific movements. Work on improving agility, flexibility, speed and fitness levels... from golf to gardening, weekend warrior to elite athlete, our Sports Specific Personal Training can take your game to the next level.

In addition to extensive practice of the unique Pilates method and associated apparatus, we utilize such non-traditional exercise tools as physioballs, foam rollers, stretch tubing, and a variety of balance props to heighten proprioception—the awareness of how one’s body moves in space—which is the key to graceful yet powerful, efficient movement. We can integrate these skills into more traditional free-weight and weight-machine exercises as well, all tailored to your particular goals.

I truly doubted that I would ever be able to ski again, but after diligent work with Peter, I got back into the mountains and skied 125,000 vertical feet in a week!