Healdsburg Pilates

Our Work
In Our Clients' Words We'd like to think our work speaks for itself:

It’s great the way Peter keeps trying different approaches to help me understand what’s going on with my body until something clicks!

Peter has more in his arsenal than any PT or Chiro or MD I’ve been to.

Leslie V.
I was overweight. I was out of shape. Within a year I was doing 100 mile bike rides. It's changed my life... Joseph
He knows everything about how the body works Barbara G.
Peter has a very holistic approach to training and to body management and I really like that... Barbara W.
Peter has been able to work wonders with helping injuries subside much more quickly and helping me remain as active as I'd like to be... Kitty
I've been coming to the studio for 9 1/2 years... sometimes at the gym it gets boring... but here there’s something different all the time Edie

I just thought I would drop you a line and tell you how much I have appreciated the influence that you have had on my health and fitness since the time that I spent working with you. I still utilize many of the techniques that you taught me on a regular basis, whether it's regarding having good form to protect my back, maintaining a regular practice, pushing myself to new limits and especially using mindfulness during exercise to get the most out of what I'm doing (this applies to everyday life for me too!).

I can genuinely say that the time I spent at your place positively changed my life and I thank you for that. You and Lacy are truly gifted teachers!

...I miss your classes! Take care!

I found that 'Healdsburg Pilates' doesn't even begin to describe all the things that happen there... Melita
Peter has helped me through a lot of my health issues... been there for me during my chemo treatments... & always knew how to make me feel better and not give up Gayle
I've gotten myself with Peter to a place that I never thought I could be Tara
The things that I've done with Peter in the last year have completely changed the way that I use my body & feel about it... Sara

Are you serious?! There's even more?

I know, right? How lucky are we?