Healdsburg Pilates

Restoration Rehabilitation The musculoskeletal system comprises over 60% of the human body.

Alterations within it, perhaps due to an injury and/or years of poor posture, influence all aspects of the human organism. If faulty movement patterns and/or poor posture were merely an aesthetic problem, the concerns about it might be limited to concerns about appearance. But postural faults due to injury or habit can give rise to discomfort, pain, or disability. Often times we are not even aware of our poor movement habits, we are only aware of our pain.

Skeletal alignment and muscle balance are the key components to effective rehabilitation. We are trained professionals in posture and movement re-education directed toward restoration and preservation of good body mechanics. We can guide you through a program of therapeutic exercises to strengthen weak muscles and stretch, or lengthen, tight muscles – putting you on a path toward restored muscle balance and pain-free movement.