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Peter Sheridan - Healdsburg Pilates InstructorPeter Sheridan,
NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

Peter Sheridan, Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Healdsburg Pilates, graduated from Ohio University in 1990 with a BA in Psychology. Since returning from Central America upon completion of his service as a Peace Corps Volunteer, he has accomplished over 1,000 hours of continuing education in Pilates, movement re-education/rehabilitation, and sports-specific conditioning. After receiving his certification in 1997 and working in a large Sonoma County health club for three years, Peter established his Healdsburg Pilates-based fitness studio in 1999.

Peter has the good fortune to continue more than eighteen years of study under such Pilates luminaries as Jean Claude West and Mercy Sidbury, as well as with preeminent clinicians Mark Bookhout MS, PT and Karen Anderson PT, OCS. Peter is certified as a Pilates practitioner through the Physicalmind Institute®, and as a Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He is also an American Council on Exercise faculty member lecturer and workshop presenter.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact peter@healdsburgpilates.com.

Peter is also an Equissage┬ę Certified Canine Massage Therapist. If you would like to schedule a treatment for your pet or inquire about services, please visit www.healdsburgcaninemassage.com, or email peter@healdsburgcaninemassage.com.

Rhonda McKinnon - Healdsburg Pilates InstructorRhonda McKinnon,

Way before I even thought about teaching Spin, I entered Healdsburg Pilates looking for somebody to help me get in shape and build a healthy heart. I stay at Healdsburg Pilates because I know the person teaching me is just as invested in my fitness as I am.

After just a few private sessions, I'd built enough confidence to join a Spin class. These classes are unique in that you have a spin instructor that is actively engaged in your workout. About 3 years ago I was invited to become an instructor. How delightful to have come so far in my fitness to be asked to teach! I was thrilled to embark on this new challenge of teaching and coaching. I was certified through Spinning in 2011, and have been teaching ever since.

In spin classes we spend time explaining why a perfect pedal stroke is important, how your posture affects your workout, and why challenging your perceived limitations is absolutely necessary to get 100% advantage out of a 60 minute Spin class. These classes will completely change your outlook on health and fitness!

Eric Thompson - Healdsburg Pilates InstructorEric Thompson,

Although a long-time commuter cyclist, I only began pursuing fitness in a disciplined and knowledgeable way at Healdsburg Pilates about two and a half years ago. I was preceded by my wife Rhonda, who first began as a regular client, then trained as a Spinning instructor and gently persuaded me to try it out. Once I started Spinning regularly, I was amazed at how much more direct and targeted the training on the spin bike was than just peddling down Old Redwood Highway to work each day. Combining Spinning with yoga, barre, and pilates, I quickly lost 30 pounds and gained strength and balance that I thought I had lost forever. Eventually Peter approached me about training to be a Spinning instructor as well. I did and I love it! Having been in theatre since I was a child, I find designing a great Spin class is a bit like choreographing a musical. I love to seek to achieve a thorough and vigorous workout by getting a group of people to dance on the bike!