Healdsburg Pilates

Our Work
In Our Clients' Words We'd like to think our work speaks for itself:

It's been great for us in terms of keeping us in condition, particularly when you get to our ages being in the upper 70s at this point, it really keeps us in good shape and keeps us going Tom
Peter and Lacy are just fabulous people who really care about what they're doing and making you feel better about your body... Joany
I got instantly hooked on spin class... I love it, I love the music... and I get a better workout than I ever knew I could do Teresa
Its a really comfortable environment compared to a gym... it's a great way to learn how to fix some bad habits you've picked up Emilie
I really wanted a good looking coach, and that's why I come here... Nicole
Everyone is so kind and generous and sweet here and I think that's really, really important, especially in a small community... Paige
I had a shoulder injury where I couldn't lift my arm up all the way, and I had a spine that didn't really move... and Peter really helped me...it was amazing, it really was... Janet
Peter and Lacy are the best I ever met... I know that the time I spend here is going to be really well spent and I'm going to leave feeling amazing David
I was sick of the gym, I was sick of the classes that they offered, I always felt uninspired, like I was not getting a really great workout... I came in and tried a Spin class from Peter, and I instantly could tell that I was going to be addicted to this... Kelley